Welcome to the Team!

We are very excited to announce that as of June 2018 we will have a new member of the Synergy Healthcare Team!

Lisa Cinque - Accredited Clinical Nutritionist 

Lisa will be providing clinical nutrition services, and aims treat the person as a whole, through assessing diet, lifestyle, sleep and mentality to investigate the underlying causes rather than symptomatology alone. 

For Lisa's full Bio click here and for an in depth description of our Clinical Nutrition services click here

We are excited to see the positivity and knowledge Lisa will bring to Synergy Healthcare, knowing we can continue to provide an optimal level of care to our clients. Welcome to the team Lisa!

Chiropractic vs Physiotherapy vs Osteopathy


We are often asked how we as chiropractors are different from physiotherapists or osteopaths, we are asked this question so often I thought it best I try and clarify.

Chiropractic & Sport Injuries


We have a look at how chiropractic can manage acute & chronic sporting injuries and how we can help reduce the risk of injury reoccurence

Exercise and Pregnancy


Many women are unsure whether to continue their exercise routine once they fall pregnant and even if they do are unaware of how much or how hard they should be training.

Pull Your Weeds, Not Your Back, When Gardening This Spring


With Spring here and the weather warming many people will start to spend more time outside in the garden. And even though gardening can provide a great workout, with all the bending, twisting, reaching and pulling, you may find your body isnt ready for exercise of the garden variety!

Synergy Chiropractor and Golf Injury Specialists