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As an internationally recognised speaker on Golf Injuries, Dr Andrew McHardy PhD has an intimate understanding of the game of golf and the way it impacts on the golfer's body.  He considers quality, quantity and the type of golf swing employed by the golfer, to ensure his patients get their game back on track as soon as possible.

With over 19 years of clinical experience, Dr McHardy PhD is able to provide patients with an easy to understand explanation of thier condition and how Golf Conditioning treatment can help.

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The Golf Swing

Phases of the Golf Swing

The golf swing can be broken down into a number of different phases and points of interest, each with different levels of muscle activity and body positions.
  1. The address position forms the foundation of the swing, where the golfer's posture governs how efficient the swing may be.
  2. The backswing can be broken down into the early backswing (where the swing is initiated) and late backswing (from the club being horizontal to the top of the swing). Transfer of body weight and co-ordination of all body parts for the explosive downswing is important here.
  3. The top of the swing is the point where the body has completed the backswing and is about to start the downswing. A shift in momentum occurs.
  4. The downswing commences and should be initiated by the lower body to generate maximal power.
  5. The acceleration phase commences when the club becomes horizontal and finishes at impact. This phase is the most muscle active part of the swing, with high levels of muscle contraction.
  6. Impact occurs when the club hits the ball.
  7. The follow through can be broken down into the early follow through (which commences after impact) and late follow through (from the club being horizontal to the end of the swing). The follow through ends to slow down the motion of the body and energy exerted during the downswing.

Predisposition to Injury

Each phase of the golf swing is predisposed to different injuries.  The most common are listed below:

Golf Swing Phase

Common Injury sites

 Address position poor posture leading to low back and neck problems
 Backswing hip, knee
 Top of swing low back, shoulder
 Downswing wristlow back 
 Acceleration wrist, low back, hip, elbow
 Impact wrist, low back, hip, elbow
 Follow through low back, mid back

Understanding the Complexity of your Golf Swing