Want to hit the golf ball further or straighter?

As an internationally recognised Golf Injury expert, Dr Andrew McHardy PhD has an intimate understanding of the game of golf and the way it impacts on the golfer's body.  He considers quality, quantity and the type of golf swing employed by the golfer, to ensure his patients get their game back on track as soon as possible.

With over 12 years of clinical experience, Dr McHardy PhD is able to provide patients with an easy to understand explanation of thier condition and how Golf Conditioning treatment can help.

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The Synergy Healthcare Golf Swing Analysis software package offers a chiropractic/physical review of an individual’s golf swing. Our video package provides:

  1. Vision of the physical golf swing
  2. A 9 point swing assessment highlighting areas of concern
  3. A tailored physical fitness program for improved results

This service offers great feedback and enjoyment for both golfers and non-golfers alike.
It is a clear demonstration of a person’s golf swing and can highlight the physical and technical shortcomings.

The service is simple:-
  • A history and physical examination is performed on the golfer
  • Video footage of an individual’s golf swing is taken
  • The video is then assessed by Dr Andrew McHardy PhD, focussing on 9 specific points during the swing
  • At each point the physical positioning of each part of the body is assessed, with comments made on areas of concern
  • Recommendations are then made. These recommendations are designed to help the golfer reduce the risk of developing a golf injury

This assessment is designed to:
  1. Highlight the stresses and strains being placed on the body and make suggestions to prevent these
  2. Identify inefficiencies in the use of the body that might be impacting the effectiveness of the swing

In addition, based on the history and physical examination, further recommendations of any treatment required (for example, a Golf Conditioning Program) to improve muscle and joint function is also made.

This service is priced very competitively and a health fund rebate can often be claimed.

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Golf Swing Analysis