Want to hit the golf ball straighter or further?

As an internationally recognised speaker on Golf Injuries, Dr Andrew McHardy PhD has an intimate understanding of the game of golf and the way it impacts on the golfer's body.  He considers quality, quantity and the type of golf swing employed by the golfer, to ensure his patients get their game back on track as soon as possible.

With over 19 years of clinical experience, Dr McHardy PhD is able to provide patients with an easy to understand explanation of thier condition and how Golf Conditioning treatment can help.

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Golf Conditioning Program

Dr Andrew McHardy PhD will develop a Conditioning Program to address any areas of concern or opportunity to improve your golf swing.

In developing your Golf Conditioning Program, Dr McHardy PhD will:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of your golfing history
  • Perform a physical Golf Swing Analysis
  • If required, treatment consisting of soft tissue massage followed by mobilisations or gentle manipulation of the spine, shoulder, hip, knee or elbow
  • Tailor a program of excercises and stretches to enable you to get the most out of your body both on and off the golf course

Golf Conditioning Programs are competitively priced, and health fund rebates can often be claimed.

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Golf Conditioning Program