The USPGA is happening this weekend!

13 Aug 15 - 03:03 PM

The USPGA tournament is happening this weekend! Has Rory McIlroy recovered fully from his injured ankle?

This weekend we will see if Rory McIlroy has recovered fully after injuring his left ankle playing soccer with friends in July as he and Jordan Spieth go head to head at the US PGA. It would seem that whomever comes out on top will claim the number one golfer spot in the world.

Dr Andrew McHardy PhD is a specialist in golf injury management and hopes McIlroy has been performing strengthening and proprioceptive work on that injured ankle. Check out our golf injury clinic here to see how we can assist you to get back on the course if you have found yourself in the same situation as Rory McIlroy, we can provide services such as a golf swing analysis and even a golf conditioning program to ensure that you are hitting the ball further, straighter and more consistently.