Thoracic (Mid-Back) Extension Test

09 Mar 15 - 11:16 AM

Pain is not the only indicator of musculoskeletal or biomechanical dysfunction. Restricted joint motion or function and weakness are both major predictors as to whether someone will encounter an injury in the future. This Thoracic Extension Test will provide some feedback on how your mid-back is functioning, and whether you are in need of a tune up!

The test can be performed as follows:

  1. Standing with your feet around a foot from the wall as pictured.
  2. Rest your head, back and buttocks against the wall with your knees slightly bent.
  3. Starting with your arms by your side, slowly lift them in front of you until they are facing up the wall.
  4. If you find you cannot raise your arms all the way to the wall whilst flattening your mid back or your head/neck wants to come forward from the wall, you may have thoracic extension restriction or an underlying weakness that needs to be addressed (Figure B).
  5. If you can keep your arms, head, back and buttocks against the wall without any discomfort as pictured to the left on figure A, you most likely have normal extension through the mid back.
  6. Pain or discomfort throughout the exercise in the lower back, mid back, neck or shoulders may be evidence of an underlying musculoskeletal condition or biomechanical dysfunction which can be addressed by your chiropractor or physiotherapist.      

If you find you are experiencing pain, discomfort, lack of motion or weakness with this exercise please get in touch with us at Synergy Healthcare on 02 9522 2125 and we will further investigate and address the underlying issue.

Thoracic (Mid Back) Extension Test