An office worker in Kirrawee, Sutherland Shire NSW presented to the chiropractor with headaches.
They work at a computer all day with a less than ideal workplace set-up.  

What is it?

  • Pain in the head
  • Once a non-primary cause has been ruled out the clinician can consider which of the benign headaches the patient is presenting with.

What are the causes?

  • Most commonly migraine, tension headache & cervicogenic headache (from the neck)
  • It is considered both tension and migraine headaches can be produced by a combination of vascular, myogenic and supraspinal factors. Rather than being completely separate entities tension headache and migraine exist at either end of a continuum.

What are the symptoms?


  • Sharp pain which is disabling and described as throbbing and severe. Pain is usually felt on one side of head and often also around eye.
  • Nausea
  • Extreme light &/or sound sensitive
  • Exercise aggravates the headache, Headaches are infrequent and short duration

Tension Headache

  • Dull, continuous and moderate pain (“Able to live with it”)
  • Pain is usually felt on both sides of head and often around the base of the skull or top of head
  • There is usually no nausea
  • Mild light/sound sensitive
  • Able to exercise with headache, Headaches are frequent and long-lasting

“Cervicogenic Headache”

  • Mild to moderate unilateral head and neck pain
  • Pain does not side-shift
  • Limited neck movement
  • Headache pain is reproduced by neck movements and local overpressure

Neck Pain and Headaches