Lumbar Facet Syndrome


A patient presented to the chiropractor with a sore low back
after falling asleep on the lounge at home in Miranda, Sutherland shire NSW.

What is it?

Injury to the joints of the lower back

What are the causes?

  • Facet syndrome results from hyperextension of the lumbar spine.
  • Trauma, degeneration, and faulty posture all contribute to producing condition.

What are the symptoms?

  • Low back pain radiating to the groin, hip and buttock and often the leg, in most cases above the knee.
  • The pain is aggravated by the following:
    • Hyperextension
    • Sleeping on the abdomen
    • Sitting in the upright position
    • Lifting a load in front of the body at or above the waistline
    • Coughing and sneezing (when acute)
  • Subjective numbness may be accompanying the pain
  • Subjective weakness is commonly due to pain and not a true motor deficit
  • Low back stiffness especially in the morning
  • There are palpable muscle spasms with focal tenderness over the affected facet joint.
  • Relief is usually achieved by brining the knees to the chest and 90/90 position

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